Postponing the things

On 13/04/2015 by Victoria Mineva

postponed_sign1“My time is precious. I don’t waste it with postponing the things I want to do for some other day in the future. Life can fade away for just a few seconds.” I woke up this morning with this thought. Recently my mother had stomach hemorrhage and my father almost had insult.

So, the things I saw and felt made me realize that life is really too short for postponing the things people want to do. Yeah, a lot of humans will find different excuses to postpone a lot of what they want to do in their lives, but not me. Not anymore.

After the things with my parents become a fact I stopped to postpone. I published a book, working for a second one, began to exercise daily and finally bought a car to drive. Today I can say I’m happy with what person I’ve become. Everyone can do it if there is a good enough reason or at least a determination to do something.

Postponing the things means that a certain person doesn’t want to do something so much as he thinks. If there is not enough motivation, even If it’s bitter like in my case, there are no actions at all.

People who aren’t sure what they want, find a negative side of everything and a good excusable explanation. This makes them somehow happy and they don’t find for needed to look about opportunities to make their lives better. They stuck in the place where they are and whine how bad the life is. With the excusable explanation they begin to postpone the things for better days which never come. This makes only bad to person’s life. Sooner or later people find out that.

Postponing the professional engagements like making a video presentation or sending weekly newsletter for example only draws afar the persons who work with each other. When someone finds out that the person he trusts does not what he says, it’s really disappointing and makes the person thinks if the relationship is really worthy. Well, the answer is simple – it’s not. If there is something happened, at least any promises shouldn’t be done. For me, postponing means “I will not do this thing”. Really sometimes different matters happen, but at least a short call, short mobile or e-mail message will be good enough.

Business needs full determination, and the person’s relationship also needs this. Of course if it’s something worthy. Because there are different groups of people: friends and partners for coffee, friends and partners for killing time or true friends and partners with who even if there are years separation when you meet it’s like you have never been parted away.

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